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Sunshine and Sandals: Holiday OOTN.

Thrifted Long Sleeved Grey Cotton Dress (similar) (similar)

ASOS Hometown Heeled Sandals (here)

I have not blogged as much as I  hope to ladies and gentlemen, 
purely because I have been trying to actually finish my A-Level coursework, 
then when I FINALLLY FINISHED, Wooohrayyy, I had 2 days to pack for a week long holiday with my bestfriend, which was even more stressful, but I'm back now! WOOP! 
Such a blessed holiday, added on to more memories and reason why I love my bestfriends. 
It's very rare to find a large group of girls who have been best friends for this long,
 and still never fail to empower one another, love them so much. 

On the last night, which was yesternight, we went out to for a lovely dinner on the town, 
where  I annihilated some of their best selling dishes, as pictured above, jelly much? YUM!
 We finished off with a late night walk down on the beach front and the rest is history...

"What a little moonlight can do, oh oh oh, our lips are sealed."

Enam A. oxx

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