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Diva is A Female Version of A Hustla.

Red Long Draping 'V' Neck Dress (similar) |  ASOS Halter Neck Dress

All Hail two of my fave Boss Ladies!
 Got the honour of doing my girl Dorcas' make up for our Sixthform Leavers Ball.
After seeing one of my first posts on a summery smokey eye, she requested a similar look.
I worked with my Revlon Perle Black Galaxy eye Shadow from the June favourites post; i worked on top of a basic smokey eye as well as a whitry grey into the corner of her eye, ending with a red brown into the crease of the eye blending it with that deep blue from the Revlon eyeshadow. 
Dorc, also decided to end this look with a RiRi Woo MAC Lipstick which was only a stained lip as the eyeshadow was already holding enough vibrance. He contour was light with a light touch of Sleek's Makeup Blusher shade Pomegranate and using a larger buffing blush I blended in a bronzer! 

"When in doubt wear RED!" - Bill Blass

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