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Street Style Un.

 Dope Hat (similar) | Flower Power Knitted Jumper (actual)

Mint Superga Flatform (similar) | Neon Yellow Socks (similar) | Blue Sneakers (similar) and (here)

For my first street style post, I definitely impressed with this find. 
These two are so cute and sweet. also I did my best to find similar places to find their outfits
well just components. And P.S the lengths I went to, just to find the oversize jumper she wore was intense but Thank me later! lol just playing... or I'm I, muahahahahaha! 

"Daebak '대박'" - Korean word for Awesome

Enam A. oxx


  1. I swear Koreans dress the best :D
    잘했다 ㅎㅎ

    1. they're so cuteeee! definitely great influences to fashion!