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Self Portait by Myself. 

Inspiration: The Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Purple Haze'

I simply got bored and decided to re-create a makeup look that I've been dying to do. The look is by one of my fave makeup artist on instagram called "MakeupbyBouba" (click here)

He is amazing at what he does and I was so happy to know that I had all the colours in my different palettes to re-create this look. 

My favourite part of the look was by far the lips, because I got to try out the new beauty trend which is the Flower Petal Lips, which you might think is similar to an ombre lip. To be honest, it kinda is, but with the petal lip, it allows you to create a bold stained where the light colour is on the outer part of the lips and the darker colour is on the inner parts, much closer to the inside of the lip near the teeth. Is that clear enough AHA! 

I used my Avon Silky Peach Lipstick, all around the outer parts of my lips almost like you're lining the lips. Then I used my MUA Intense Colour 'Red Drama' Lip Liner on the inner parts. Right in the certain of the lips I then created a third layer with my La Femme 'Cypher Space' Lipstick. 

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"There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion." - Edgar Allan Poe

Enam A. oxx

1 comment:

  1. you really outdone yourself this time, especially the eyes
    I really like bouba's work too ;)
    p.s all time favorite song of Jimi Hendrix, great choice!