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Ladies, If You Love Your Man Show Him You The Fliest

Model: Miriam Ndlovdu 

Another look I did recently for my portfolio: I wanted to create a makeup look that was fierce and made the model look sexy at the same time. I am working towards upgarding my camera, so that I can video the looks I do, but for now I will try and show you the final looks.

I used Urban Decay 'Eden Potion' Primer and I then used my Fraulin 38 Jelly Matte 120 Eyeshadow Palette; using the brightest orange colour all over the lids, then a orangey gold in the corner of the eyes up to half of the eye. I blended a light blue on the other half of the eye, up to the crease and put a shimmery lilac on top of that. Finally i used a dark brown and carbon black and lined the crease and outer rim of eyes just dragging in out to create a winged look, after that just put on some eyelashes and put some liquid eyeliner on top . For highlighting the brow I used my Vintage Natural Collections Eyeshadow palette and used the dark beige colour. I used Maybelline Aubergine Lipstick and on top of that the Avon Silky Peach Lipstick, and in the middle I used a little La Femme A Touch of Lilac Lipstick. 

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 "Being sexy is showing just enough and leaving the rest to the imagination" - Enam Asiama

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