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Orange Lipstick (similar)

Styled & Photographed by Tanya Marowa

COLOR POP at its finest: about 2 weekends ago or so I got to do make up for the eccentric Tanya Marowa's new upcoming blog, so be sure to look out for it. I did make up for the beautiful Jennifer Ikouara, waited a long time to deco her face, so when this opportunity came I took it, and yes, I made sure she was Gon' With the Wind FABOLOUS! *two snaps and a twirl* AHA! 

Sorry that my drag side coming through, but I simply worked a very glittery gold from my Fraulin 38 120 Jelly Palette, and gave her a medium black liquid liner just to define her eye shape more. I used a a dark rose Sleek blusher to bring out her cheek bones and contoured underneath them. 

It was lovely working with them both and hope to blog about more collabs with them in the future, so keep reading.

"Color is fun, Color is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye; the window of the soul." - Rachel Wolf

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