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An African Sunset. *JEWELLERY SALE*

Back again after a long tiresome week. How fast has it gone; oh boy! 
So results came this week, and even though it didn't do as well as I'd hoped, I know one thing  that has kept strong all this time, especially as a Christian and an Asiama girl: "For we walk by Faith, not by sight" - 2 Corinthians 5:7

Its crazy how my whole life and mindset can change in less then 2-3 months; this was highlighted just in one week. Congratulations to all my bestfriends *YB&G* and good friends who got into University, I cannot wait to start travelling around the UK going to visit all of you, I will miss you and I love you. Can't wait to get this time of education with the rest of my girls gives me more time to think, and one thing I would advice any Year 12 who would be in our positions next year, NEVER BE AFRAID TO TAKE THAT GAP YEAR ITS YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU FINISH YEAR 13, and Life is what YOU make it, your parents will understand, just work hard and play hard, do and find what you're best at, just enjoy Life. 

So... Moving on today's amazing colour filled post:

Gold Layered Flower Ring £ 3.50 | Double Panelled Gold Choker Necklace £ 4.50

AVON Pro-To-Go "Baby LipsLipstick | Vital "Damson Kiss" Lip Liner 

Make Up inspired by an image of an African Sunset, which I knew would contrast beautiful against a dark skinned complexion much better. I used a custard yellow in the corner of the eyes which was also added to the corner of the brows to draw a symmetrical shape to the over eye. My fave part was then blending a orange shade with the yellow, working with deep reds and browns from my Fraulein 38 Jelly Matte Palette. To finish off I put a smudged of deep blue in the outer part of the eye to act as a shadow, just as an African Sunset has. I chose to use a baby pink Lipstick from Avon, because it was the best shade that complimented the look and her skin. 

Lets talk Jewellery...
Bangle Bracelets from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Chunky Gold Open Cuff £ 4.00
Detailed Red Gem Gold Bracelet £ 4.99
Plain Gold Cuff Bracelet £ 4.00

My sister ( Nana) and I are selling loads of jewellery for a limited period of time. We need everything sold, and over the next couple of posts I will try and feature all the jewellery we are going to be selling so PLEASE look out for them and PLEASEEEEE do us a massive favour and BUYBUYBUY cause they are pretty and affordable stuff. Our online shop on TicTail is still being worked on and will be finished by tomorrow so we will keep posting the link for you to be aware of when things are available: http://asiama.tictail.com/ 

Gold Floral Hoop Earrings £4.00

OUTFIT: Thrifted Floral Print Blouse | Primark Knitted Shorts | ALDO Silver Sandals

Blue Drop Earrings £ 4.00

Bangle Bracelets from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Silver Braided bead Bracelet £ 4.50
Detailed Black Gem Silver Bracelet £ 4.50
Silver Brick Pattern Engraved Cuff £ 4.50


Gold and Red Hoops £2.00 | Diamond Floral Sliver Cuff Bracelet £ 4.99 | Chain Bow Bracelet £ 4.00

Model:  Enyam Nana-Adjoa Asiama (Twin Sister)

Please inbox me and my sister on Facebook (Enam)(Nana) about the Jewellery, we are available at all times to meet you in person for collection and payments if you do not want to go through our online shop. You can Direct Message me on Twitter as well (link here)

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"Wisdom is wealth! One thing I respect deeply about Africa is the treasure of wisdom our ancestors have handed down to us. When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him." - Ashanti Proverb

Enam A. oxx

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