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New Things: MUJI

MUJI is one of those cool stores for neat freaks or wannabe neat freaks like myself AHA! Its one of those stores that you can easily get addicted to and for only being in there for 20 minutes or so, I finally had a good scan about what the store offers. I managed to pick up some simply stuff that will last me and will remind me to visit Muji again. 

Soap & Note Pad

Recyclable 200 Sheets Note Pad

I can admit that I can be a hoarder of cute things: but this had to be purchased because I find that when technology fails on me now and again, I can be saved by the good on traditional pen and paper, AHA! The paper is 50% recyclable which is good for the environment and for 200 sheets it is only 90p 

Glycerine Soap in 'Mandarin' Flavour 

I love all things citrus, but orange has to be my favourite, so when I went into MUJI and saw that they had this vegetable based glycerine soap I had to try it. There are 3 other types of these soaps: Avacado, Lemon and Citrus Wood which I am looking forward to trying. I love this soap as, it acts as both a bath melt, as well as a bubble bath kinda soap. I am also attracted to its pungent sweet smell which ladders well enough to leave a remarkable sense. Lastly the soap is easy to take along when travelling, and is affordable; selling for only 99p it seems like its going to get me through more than 40 baths. 

Made a bath: Put it in soap for about 15 mins, twirling the water: also added almond oil and lemon and lime.

"Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."  - Chinese Proverb

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